Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shopping alert!

When I walked into this new store on Beverly Drive- I thought I probably wouldn't buy anything because the prices would be outrageous. But instead I was pleasantly surprised that it was very affordable. The collection is young, very girlie, bright and fun. There were a lot of one-sies, cute short day dresses, some knit wear (juicy type track suits-- i know puke. but we will let that one slide), and cute jackets. OH and really cute accessories!

Then I got some info about the store --since I knew it was newbie on the street. They had opened a few weeks ago- and the designer is a 15 year old Russian girl! The fashion phenom, Kira Plastinina, just opened her first two stores in LA and NY (though she has over 40 in Russia).
Kira is in the pink/silver dress! And those are all her designs.

Her style is really fun and geared towards a younger audience (17-25).
You can check out more pictures of the collection at:
(and it looks like any of you w/o a Kira store in your area will be able to shop online soon too)


  1. Ooh! Her stuff likes so young and fun. Good to know :)

    Thanks Danielle <3

  2. i had read about her in the LA Times...i guess she's an heiress, which explains the ability to be a young entreprenuer!