Monday, December 22, 2008

Countdown 5 more days!

Designer Thakoon Panichgul of "Thakoon" has created a line for Target that is hitting stores Dec 28th! Thakoon describes his line as having a "bold confidence and being adventurous." He says there are NO RULES when mixing prints together as long as you are confident!! LOVE THAT

Check out a video at Target's website here and see a sneak peek of the collection. The line looks super cute in my opinion! His use of prints is whimsical and to quote him "adventurous." And I love the mix and match ability here. The pieces are not even close to being as detailed as his high end line. But they have the same layering ability and are equipped with similarly fun prints.

All from Thakoon's Spring 2009 line

Luckily I live in LA so I should be able to start wearing these clothes by the time they hit stores :) woooo. Otherwise- BUY ASAP (because you know they will all be gone soon) and store till it's actually spring!

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