Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bootie Bootie Bootie Rockin Everywhere

Doesn't it feel good to Pay-less?

One thing I have had to adjust to accordingly living here in New York is eliminating shopping as an activity. Shopping for clothes has been replaced by purchases made at glamorous spots such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Fairway Supermarket. After holding out for 3 months I finally broke down. Summer had become a distant memory and people seem to be in full-fledged boot and coat mode. It was time for me to take action. A little bird told me that Payless (yes...payless) had a trendy collection of boots and booties. Let it be known that I think the last time I was in Payless was the early 90s when I made a purchase of faux mary jane doc martens and my feet were a size 2 kids. True story.

I ventured out like the inquisitive Culturista that I am to do some "research."

The findings: A goldmine for the financially challenged. Dozens of boots and all under $40.

$29.99- faux grey suede. Comfortable enough to walk 30 blocks without complaining. Seriously.

$34.99- Nuff said.

Please see Lady D's Lust vs. Must. In all seriousness, I had to visit 4 different branches and ultimately went on the Payless "Crawl" before I found this precious pair.

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