Friday, July 18, 2008

The Wackness= The Dopeness

D and I saw The Wackness a few nights ago, and I went into it having no expectations and had not even seen a trailer of the film. All I know was MK Olsen was in a movie which took place in the early 90s. Those two things were reason enough for me to go see a film which I knew nothing concrete about. Written and directed by Jonathan Levine, this film examines an Upper East Side lone teenager Luke Shapiro's experience living in NYC and having to deal drugs in order to have any type of an income. It is a dark comedy which I immediately appreciated. It explores his relationship with his much older psychiatrist turned friend. The film also touches upon his first experience with women and heartbreak. The writing was sensitive and comical and both Joshua Peck and Ben Kingsley delivered wonderful performances.

The soundtrack for the film was an amazing throwback of early 90s hip hop artists. Some examples included A Tribe Called Quest, Notorious BIG, De La Soul, and Wu-Tang Clan. The emphasis placed on the concept of the "mixtape" proved to be quite nostalgic. No one ever makes mixtapes anymore...

In addition, the urban styles depicted in the costume design fit perfectly with the time period being portrayed. Lady D and i especially enjoyed this, seeing as we were both elementary school students wearing tons of neon and high tops during this era. The acid-washed jeans, Reebok "pumps", baby-tees, and side ponytails can be appreciated by all people who were in their youth at this time.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of this film and thoroughly enjoyed myself for the duration of it. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is ready to reminisce about their youth in the early 90s.

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  1. LOVE that spaghetti strap dress with a t-shirt underneath. We should bring that back in style....